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LADiva Artistry is a full service landscape design company featuring all inclusive custom design concepts. From pools, planting plans, edible gardens, raised beds, fire features & water gardens to hardscaping (pavers, patios, pathways…), pergolas, shade structures and more, we’ve got you covered. All custom and all included in your master design plan. Presented in a 2D color blueprint that will serve as a guide throughout the install process. LADiva Artistry creates more than outdoor living spaces, we believe each unique property has a story to tell… one that begins with you and ends with your fairytale private oasis and the precious moments you create in it. From lush tropical to modern simplicity, formal & traditional or Asian Zen, our experienced designers will work with you closely to help find your family’s garden style. Working with a unique palette of desert adapted tropical fruit trees and plants, LADiva Artistry has the knowledge and expertise to help guide you through the beautiful and enchanting world of tropical gardening in Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, it grows here!


Additional services include 3D virtual walkthrough tours and 3D still imagery of your property’s design plan in its mature state. See your future paradise come to life! Visualize structural concepts essential to the installation process & so much more. No more waiting until after install, no more wondering what it’s really going to look like mature, no more anxiety over important decisions critical to the end product. It’s your sanctuary and you’ve invested a lot of time, energy, and money to create it, give yourself this visual gift. See today, how your hard work is going to pay off and what your vision looks like in reality!


2D Master Landscape Design Plans



A color 2D master design/site plan rendered to scale in printed and digital form. Design plans are ready to use for install, irrigation plans, estimates, grading, structural concepts and more. Custom design plans include a free consultation before and after the design process allowing us to offer an all inclusive, no commitment estimate after discussing the homeowners goals. Additionally, a comprehensive in person review of the completed design with the designer on site to answer any questions. Complete plant list with quantities, pertinent dimensions and any other custom info necessary to complete the design are included.

No additional fees for structural concepts, hardscaping, water features, lighting, etc. Each estimate includes all the homeowner’s desired elements for one flat fee.

A digital copy is provided via thumb drive with unlimited printing privileges.

If a client feels changes need to be made during the final presentation before acceptance there is no additional fee (unless they are outside our control, such as the homeowner changes the existing site). A new print and digital copy will be provided.


3D Virtual Walkthrough Tours



This feature is obviously exciting to look at but also extremely functional. Being able to view a blueprint drawing in 3D form allows clients the opportunity to not only see what the landscape will look like as it develops over time, but also helps clients visualize structural concepts and design elements essential to the install process. Grading, elevation changes, berms for flood irrigation, etc. are all equally displayed. See the depth of floral color, layers and heights of mature plantings, the water warm and flowing, fireplaces burning and know that your motivation will be too! This detailed virtual walkthrough can even show the shade from your new landscape at different times of the day or seasons. LADiva Artistry is proud to offer this unique and cutting edge design tool, be it for residential applications or businesses alike (we’ve worked with B&B’s, demonstration gardens, nursery gardens, equestrian centers, and more). Let us help you take your goals to the next level with this innovative experience. A digital copy of the video is provided via thumb drive.


Flood Irrigation Planning



Flood Irrigation? Lucky you! Unlike traditional irrigation, flood irrigation requires direct incorporation to the landscape design plan itself. Should you and your trees be so fortunate, we can build it in and encompass the plan around it to utilize that precious H2O! With proper planning we can maximize this valuable resource for your fruit trees and more, while also developing a low maintenance, minimal drip (supplemental use) landscape that is lush and bursting with color. Call us today to learn more!

*Design plans include one complimentary revision; changes to be specified during the final presentation. Further changes are subject to additional fees.